Server Rules (MOTD Page)

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Server Rules (MOTD Page)

Post by redpr1sm 「黒猫」 on June 15th 2015, 4:13 pm

Welcome to Kuroneko Sandbox!
We hope you enjoy your time here on the server, but before you do so, we request that you read the rules if you're a newcomer.

1. Don't be a generally mean/annoying/otherwise negative person.
We want our players to have a good time on Kuroneko, and you really aren't doing much good for us by being a jerk.

2. No overpowered or annoying E2s/PACs/Wire contraptions/etc. This includes:
a. Extremely accurate killing machines.
b. Tiny/invisible/loud/overly bright/etc. PACs.
c. Things that kill everybody on the map in a single button press.
d. Insta-kill E2 weaponry.
And other such overpowered stuff.

3. Listen to people that are higher ranks than you.
It's really irritating to have to tell someone over and over again not to do something that's against the rules. Don't let that person be you. Even if what the staff member is scolding you for isn't against the rules, you still need to listen.

4. No forms of discrimination whatsoever.
This includes racism, sexism, ageism, religous discrimination, so on, so forth... You get the point, right?

*** to be continued ***
redpr1sm 「黒猫」
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